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5 Out-of-the-box Web Browsers

A list of 5 amazing Web Browsers that are useful to the developers and testers in many ways

For how long have you been stuck with the same web browser that you use today? If it has been ages and if you dare to experiment and try out something new? Then you should look out for the alternative web browsers that are lesser known but quite powerful.

Most of the alternative web browsers out there were built keeping specific web browsing requirements in mind. Some of them provide high privacy, some are great for media streaming, and some others used for text-only displays.

These web browsers are not famous, nor used by masses, but they have the potential that all mainstream web browsers do. If you are looking to switch things up a little bit with your online life, consider switching to one of these hushed and lesser-known web browsers-

1. Comodo IceDragon

This web browser was built with security in mind. Malware and malicious links are all over the Internet. It is quite easy to click a bad link and then find all your information and data compromised for nothing. Either, you wipe out your complete hard drive, or you just switch to a secure web browser at first. Comodo's IceDragon has malware scanning capabilities in the browser window along with Site Inspector which runs through the company's Secure DNS service. The service utilizes a block list that is regularly updated with the links of the websites that are full of malware. This way, the web browser keeps you safe from all the malicious links that exist on the Internet.

2. Colibri

This web browser works for Windows and Mac. Colibri is for the minimalist in you. The concept of tabs came up way back, but this web browser wants to stay sorted. Its users hail Colibri as the lightest browser around the world. The cluttered bars of most web browsers take away your focus from what you want to do over the Internet. Colibri tries to bring back your clutter-free experience of viewing just what you intended on the Internet. The absence of an always-there browser tab is such a relief for some users. The browser provides an almost full-screen view which is so rare an experience these days.

3. Firefox Focus

This web browser is available for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Firefox Focus is all about the essential features without the hassle. This web browser is as light as they can get and also keeps the privacy of the users intact. Like Colibri, there are no tabs in Focus too, and it maintains security and privacy at the core of your online web presence. The browser does not store any password or browsing history, blocks the third-party trackers by default and keeps your searches and information safe from the likes of Amazon and Google.

4. Lunascape

Most web browsers are built on one of the fundamental frameworks such as Chromium, WebKit, etc. Lunascape is a browser that allows you to switch between them at will. Not able to fathom the reason for which this functionality exists? Well, web pages appear differently in different web browsers. So, in Manual QA Testing Services, a UI tester would want to see his page's design in all web browsers. Lunascape is no well-wisher of speed and efficiency but is used for the one aspect it has been made for- testing of UI designs.

5. Opera Neon

This web browser appears more like a desktop than a web browser. With icons floating all over the screen, it has a unique interface and some smart out-of-the-box tools.

These web browsers are one-of-their-kind with limited applications and appeal. But, if these use cases are essential to you, you can get the most uninterrupted and hassle-free browsing experience with these web browsers.

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